Guillotine Tape Splicers for Film Editing

Where to Buy 16mm CIR Film Guillotine, Neutaper, or Rivas Editing Splicers for Sale?

For years, movie editors have been using film splicers to physically cut and join film strips to create their motion picture stories. Even though digital editing computer systems currently dominate the industry, traditional editors still enjoy splicing their movie together in the classic way especially when it comes to 16mm independent movies and student films. Here you can find the best deals on mint condition CIR Guillotine, Neutaper, or Rivas edit tape splicers for picture and sound movie editing. Most of these film edit splicers are in 16mm format but some are available in 8mm and 35mm for cutting motion picture film.

Baia Bantum Tape Splicer for 16mm 8mm Film Pocket Sized with 20 Splices
Sale $22.95
Ends End Date: Monday Sep-7-2020 1:24:41 PDT

New Made Reel Winders And Film Splicer
Sale $60.00
Ends End Date: Tuesday Aug-18-2020 16:55:25 PDT

Franklin President Dual Action Film Splicer With Box 1950s
Sale $30.00
Ends End Date: Tuesday Sep-8-2020 12:17:29 PDT

Vintage Griswold Film Splicer Jr Junior Model 8mm 16mm Number 7423
Sale $10.00
Ends End Date: Saturday Aug-15-2020 12:12:36 PDT

Quick Splice Automatic Butt Splicer Splices 8MM Film in Original Box
Sale $8.50
Ends End Date: Tuesday Aug-18-2020 10:18:07 PDT

Vintage Hollywood Stainless Steel Film Splicer 8mm 16mm with box
Sale $18.00
Ends End Date: Monday Sep-7-2020 11:51:50 PDT

KODAK PRESSTAPE MOVIE SPLICER NO 64 8MM AND 16MM Splicer is in Good Condition
Sale $25.00
Ends End Date: Monday Sep-7-2020 18:08:28 PDT

6 Interesting Movie Film Splicers Lot 4 Franklyn KODAK Harwald Neumade
Sale $24.95
Ends End Date: Friday Sep-4-2020 22:49:34 PDT

Sale $0.99
Ends End Date: Saturday Aug-15-2020 11:10:53 PDT

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neutaper guillotine splicer

This 16 mm film splicer made by Neumade uses non perforated NP tape in rolls to splice together your film during editing. Pull the tape over the film, press the handle, and a perfect perforated splice is formed. Flip the film over to do the other side..and the splice is done. Does a straight cut on the frame line splice. A very popular quality tape splicer for 16mm motion picture film. Mint condition Neumade movie splicers list over $600. No other brand of 16mm guillotine film splicer comes close to the quality and ruggedness of the Neutaper. This 16SS model will also do standard 8mm film splicing. Splice the standard 8mm film as usual. This leaves a fold over tab. Then re-perf the 8mm holes using the Neutaper. A fast standard 8mm splice in 3 steps.

Neumade 35mm Film Splicer NeuTaper
Sale $45.00
Ends End Date: Sunday Aug-23-2020 12:34:37 PDT


neutaper gillotine splicer



catozzo-guillotine-16mm-film-splicerCIR Catozzo Film Splicer

If you are looking for a more affordable but quality made guillotine splicer, Leo Catozzo brand film splicers are a very good alternative. Authentic CIR Catozzo guillotine splicers are quality made in Italy and usually his trademark is stamped on the side the splicer. These splicers are double cutters meaning they have two blades: a straight blade for picture film and diagonal one for sound mag film.

These brands of film splicers are typically easy to find on online auctions. The Rivas is a bit harder to find.

Professional CATOZZO SUPER 8 FILM SPLICER W Splicing Tape and Instructions Nice
Sale $179.95
Ends End Date: Monday Aug-31-2020 19:49:43 PDT

Rare Pro CATOZZO REGULAR 8MM FILM SPLICER With Splicing Tape Works Nicely
Sale $199.95
Ends End Date: Monday Aug-31-2020 19:49:46 PDT

Sale $111.30
Ends End Date: Wednesday Aug-19-2020 16:35:12 PDT

Catozzo CIR De Luxe New Matrix Super 8 Film Splicer
Sale $188.10
Ends End Date: Tuesday Sep-8-2020 18:17:35 PDT

Vintage 16 mm Film Splicer Catozzo Projectionist Equipment
Sale $454.17
Ends End Date: Sunday Aug-23-2020 15:27:15 PDT

Sale $255.34
Ends End Date: Saturday Sep-5-2020 13:24:16 PDT

Catozzo Film Splicer from Italyinside Catozzo Film Splicer
Catozzo splicer backsideCatozzo film splicer sideview



rivas film splicer editing

Rivas Film Splicer

This editing tool is an alternative choice for some film editors. It was originally invented by sound engineer Carlos Rivas during the 1950s to splice magnetic sound film. Today, some film editors use the Rivas to cut and splice together their picture film. Unlike the guillotine splicer, you do not have to worry about accidentally punching sprocket holes if you misalign your film. However, since the Rivas doesn't punch sprocket holes, this tool requires a bit more dexterity because you have to apply perforated rolls of splice tape correctly. Or use individual Kodak splice tapes which are easy to apply but gets quite expensive compared to tape rolls. If you have clumsy fingers or a beginner, try the guillotine splicer instead.

How to Use a 16mm Ciro Guillotine Tape Splicer

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