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Krasnogorsk 3 cameraThe Krasnogorsk-3 (Красногорск-3) is a sturdy 16mm movie camera that was originally manufactured in the former USSR. This movie camera is also known as the K-3 which has been a popular classic entry level camera for North American film students and aspiring filmmakers for the past few decades at film schools.  Even small independent filmmakers use this motion picture camera for their small budget creative productions. The K-3 operates on a spring motor that is wound up by the camera operator using a winding lever situated on the side. The Krasnogorsk 3 camera runs for about 25 seconds at 24 frames per seconds so filmmakers have to be efficient with their length of their camera takes. The K- 3 can adjust its frame rates per second (between 8 fps to 48 fps). An optional release cable is available for shooting at single frames. Some inventive filmmakers have even adapted and modified their Krasnogrosk 3 camera to shoot in Super 16 mm film which are also available for sale by online dealers. Even though the K-3 cameras have stopped being produced in Russia back in the early 1990s, this camera is still sought after by movie-makers to this day. If you are shopping for a mint condition K-3 movie camera, take a look at these great bargains on mint Krasnogorsk movie cameras for sale online.

Krasnogorsk 3 FILM TESTED w Meteor 17 69mm f19 bayonet lens
Sale $100.00
Ends End Date: Tuesday Jul-18-2017 20:24:22 PDT

Krasnogorsk 3 16mm Movie Camera Great Condition With Original Bag
Sale $175.00
Ends End Date: Wednesday Jun-28-2017 18:01:52 PDT

KRASNOGORSK 3 Russian Movie 16mm camera 1987 USSR w lens Meteor 5 1 M42 KMZ KIT
Sale $123.45
Ends End Date: Sunday Jul-9-2017 8:05:27 PDT

Sale $209.99
Ends End Date: Saturday Jul-1-2017 23:14:52 PDT

Old Russian 16 mm movie camera Krasnogorsk 3 by KMZ Very good condition
Sale $159.99
Ends End Date: Monday Jul-24-2017 23:35:33 PDT

Helios 44m 7 MC Krasnogorsk factory 2 58mm8 bladesM42 mount
Sale $69.00
Ends End Date: Thursday Jul-6-2017 14:48:02 PDT

Russian Krasnogorsk 2 with Meteor 5 1 17 69 mm 119 movie camera 16mm
Sale $63.85
Ends End Date: Thursday Jun-29-2017 11:02:17 PDT

CINE camera lens Krasnogorsk bayonet Vega 7 20mm f20 f BMPCC Black Magic m4 3
Sale $59.00
Ends End Date: Friday Jul-7-2017 22:52:55 PDT

Biotar Krasnogorsk lens f 2 58mm M42 MOUNT8 bladesnew old stock kit in box
Sale $74.00
Ends End Date: Sunday Jul-16-2017 13:57:08 PDT

Zenith Kpachorpck 3 Film Camera Vintage Russia Cinema 16 mm Movie Krasnogorsk
Sale $99.99
Ends End Date: Wednesday Jun-28-2017 19:00:04 PDT

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Buying a mint Krasnogorsk 3 film camera will get you step closer in your goal of becoming a film maker. The idea of creating movies and creating images to accompany a really good story is certainly an enticing idea.

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